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sum of experiences

The story

Annie was on the bus to meet her best friend to finish their science project when she learned that she was not chosen for the apartment she had applied to rent for the next session.

Alex was late to pick Valerie because his boss at the restaurant asked him to fill up the ketchup bottles for the morning shift before he could leave.

Jay finished work as usual and was going to pick up the kids. It was dark and raining, he was going fast, but he slowed down when he saw the city bus stop. When Annie came out from in front of the bus Jay was able to stop. She walked by nonchalantly, like young people do. The car in the next lane hit her.

This accident could have been so easily avoided… NOT ! Probably that a similar accident won’t happen again to Annie, Alex or even to Jay and other close witnesses. But this specific instance of this accident was unavoidable. How do I know ? Because … because it happened and reality is not negotiable. 

All the actors of this accident arrived at the same place at the same time  with a huge difference in their baggage of life and this explains why each of them acted the way they did. Within this exact environment, there was only one way (the one they did) for each of them to act.

The same is true for you too. You are the sum of your experiences and the ones from your parents who educated you a certain way due to the experiences they lived and your grandparents’ and your ancestors’.

Getting a grasp that you are the sum of the reactions to your experiences is kind of easy. Of course, depending where you live, where you went to school has an effect on the person you are. But can you totally acknowledge that this goes back to the time when monkeys climbed down trees and started to look for food on the ground. One event, stacked on all these past events can change your actions and therefore your life for years to come and even the lives of generations to come.

Anaïs Nin said : 

We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Reading this right now with all that you have lived before will define your response. Maybe, you can realize that you can choose some experiences by yourself.

You can return to your occupations with more compassion because you know that others, with different backgrounds, have no choice but to have different point of views. 

You can now accept reality as it is, and add wisdom to the experiences in your life and even the life of others adding your presence to their stories.

As Humans, we have the ability to add others’ experiences to our baggage of life. For example, when parents tell their kids: 

“don’t put your hand on the stove top, it’s hot.” Kids with enough life experiences will trust their parents and won’t need to burn themselves to remember that stove tops can be hot.

The Mission

We want to make you feel better by making you live small, positive experiences that will build strong, healthy, mental habits to allow you to live a happier day to day life. 

From an evolutionary perspective, happiness has probably not played a big role. Since the modern age, however, our primary needs are way more easily fulfilled, so we can concentrate on more abstract ones. 

If you are starving to death, you don’t care what makes you happy. You need to find food no matter what.  When you have unlimited drinking water directly from the tap and money to buy food for weeks ahead. You start to open up your search for possible improvements to more abstract concepts.

We are not saying that after you finish the program you will have glitter in your poop and camper thru the days. Our proposition is to help you improve your happiness level, no matter what it is right now

If the sum of your experiences up to this point allows you to try our program. Register Now !

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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