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The Premise

Happiness is a skill just like writing or riding a bike. It’s easier for some, but everybody can improve by consciously working on it.

The Plan

Live a purposeful life almost exempt of suffering, filled with numerous blissful moments based on small things that make you tick daily.

Our vision of happiness is to lower unnecessary suffering to a minimum and help you live a daily life fulfilled with more and more blissful moments as you perform your happiness workouts.

The 4 faces of happiness

Prioritize Happiness

If you want to be happy, you have to make it a priority. Often when the time comes to take decisions. we weight less important factors over happiness to pick a choice.

Live Mindfully

Mindfulness is to be totally engaged and present in the current moment, without thinking about the future or the past. This skill, so simple, yet so hard to master will be the glue to give us access to all our other tools.

Be Positive

Being positive will bring more happiness than being negative. We will develop our trust, positivity and gratitude muscles to generally feel better in the world.

Be of Service

Going through life seeking how we can be of service is a great way to minimize division between humans. It helps giving a sense of community and belonging. Which will bring us more joy in our day to day activities.

The Workout

Your happiness workout can be perform without equipment. The program is structured to be easily integrated in your busy life. You can spend more time working on it when you see how it makes you feel better and you freed time, thanks to your new positive habits.

Join the program

The program is currently free to join. We just launched and want to have as much feedback as possible. So we are giving it away for the month of september. Start working on your happiness right now.

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